Course Rates

Norvelt Golf Club features great rates for the public that plays our facility, as well as great membership options. Many of our members started as playing public, but soon found that they wanted to become full-time members. With affordable membership rates, this may be an option that suits you as well.


Walking Rates              


9 Holes = $12    18 Holes = $20


9 Holes = $14    18 Holes = $25


Riding Rates


9 Holes = $21   18 Holes = $37


9 Holes = $23   18 Holes = $42


Junior Rates

9 Holes = $8      18 Holes = $14

Luke's Links

Walking Rates:               9 Holes = $8

Junior/Senior Rates:      9 Holes = $7  

Riding Rates:                  9 Holes = $14

Weekend/Holiday:        9 Holes = $8    

Junior/Senior Rates:     9 Holes = $7  

Riding Rates:                 9 Holes = $16   


Memberships at Norvelt Golf Club are very affordable to the average golfer. Each one of our memberships provides golfers with specialized events, deals, unlimited golf and so much more. Take a look at our membership rates below. 

If you have questions, or would like to become a member, please call the Pro Shop or stop by.

Membership Rates

Individual (Male):                          $640

Individual (Female):                      $495 (weekday) $535 (weekend)

Individual (Senior - Over 62):      $470

Couple (Husband/Wife):              $780

Senior Couple (Husband/Wife):  $605

To learn more about additional membership options, or cost to add in Luke's Links, please review the membership form below or contact the clubhouse. Membership request forms may be obtained in the Pro Shop.

We also have Tri-Memberships, which provide access to Mannitto and Irwin Country Club. See Page 2 below.

Click on either form, or the download forms button to print the membership plans and the application form.

Questions? Call 724-423-5400.

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